West Godavari district

The district has five revenue divisions, namely Eluru, Jangareddigudem, Kovvur, Kukunuru and Narasapuram. These revenue divisions are divided into 48 mandals in the district. These 48 mandals consists of 881 villages, 1 municipal corporation, 8 municipalities and 5 census townsEluru is the only municipal corporation, 7 municipalities include, KovvurNarasapuramNidadavoluPalakolluTadepalligudemTanukuBhimavaramJangareddigudem and the 5 census towns are DwarakatirumalaSanivarapupetaSatrampaduGavaravaram and Tangellamudi.[10]:22–23,54

Mandals map


The list of 48 mandals in West Godavari district under five revenue divisions are listed in the following table:[10]:22–23

Erstwhile Talukas

Before Formation of Mandals, Administration was done through Taluka system. Erstwhile Talukas in district are given below.

In 1978, the number of talukas in west Godavari district was increased from 8 to 19. Later in 1985, 19 Talukas were divided into 46 mandals.

In 2014, according to Polavaram Ordinance, 2 mandals from Telangana were merged with West Godavari District. So total mandals numbers increased to 48

Cities and towns

S.No.Municipal BodyCivic Status of townMunicipalityFormation Year2011 CensusPopulation2001 CensusPopulation1991 CensusPopulation1981 CensusPopulation
1EluruMunicipal Corporation1866250,834215,804212,866168,154
2BhimavaramMunicipality Grade – Selection1948146,961142,064121,314101,894
3TadepalligudemMunicipality Grade – Selection1958104,032102,62288,87862,574
4PalakolluMunicipality Grade – 1191981,19976,30856,96946,146
5TanukuMunicipality Grade – 1197977,96272,97062,91353,618
6NarsapuramMunicipality Grade – 1195658,77058,60456,36246,033
7JangareddygudemMunicipality Grade – 2201148,99439,02128,17525,056
8NidadavoleMunicipality Grade – 2196443,80943,14341,10131,022
9KovurMunicipality Grade – 3196539,669739,32736,06128,756
10AkiveeduNagar Panchayat202024,50624,25929,42121,317
S.No.TownCivic Status of Town2011 CensusPopulation
1ChintalapudiGrama Panchayat25,952
2PolavaramGrama Panchayat13,861
3BhimadoleGrama Panchayat13,669
4GanapavaramGrama Panchayat11,749
5GopalapuramGrama Panchayat11,573
6PenumantraGrama Panchayat10,658
7PoduruGrama Panchayat9,578
S.No.TownCivic Status of Town2011 CensusPopulation
1Dwaraka TirumalaCensus Town5,543


There are two parliamentary and 15 assembly constituencies in the district. The parliamentary constituencies are EluruNarsapuram and Rajahmundry.[27]

The Assembly constituencies are:

  1. Achanta
  2. Bhimavaram
  3. Chintalapudi (SC)
  4. Denduluru
  5. Eluru
  6. Gopalapuram
  7. Kovvur
  8. Nidadavole
  9. Narsapur
  10. Palakollu
  11. Polavaram (ST)
  12. Tadepalligudem
  13. Tanuku
  14. Undi
  15. Unguturu

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